Greyhound /Whippet Posh Collars

House and Martingale collars for Greyhounds, Whippets, Lurchers and all sighthounds! 

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All our products are handmade, to order. PLEASE allow 3-4 weeks for your item to be made. We do, however, try our best to complete them sooner.

*NEW* Bygone Toys £20.00

*NEW* Dog Show £20.00

Dog collar, lobster pattern, red, navy

*NEW* Loopy Lobsters £20.00

*NEW* Mini Adventure £20.00

Dog collar, pop bottle tops design, handmade

*NEW* Pop Tops £20.00

Squirrel design dog collar, hand,ade, cream and brown

*NEW* Secret Squirrels £20.00

velvet dog leads, nickel or brass, four foot long, one inch wide

4ft Velvet and Fabric Leads £12.00

Yellow bees dog collar

All Breed Walking Collars - Fabric Trim £12.00

Orange and rust floral dog collar available as house and walking collars

Autumn Floral £20.00

Autumn leaves, gold, orange, yellow dog collar

Autumn Leaves II £20.00

Autumn Pumpkins £20.00

Autumn Swirls £20.00

Autumn Waves £20.00

Blue Cupcakes £20.00

Blue and lilac flower dog collar, available as house and walking collars

Blue Floral £20.00

Blue flowers dog collar, available as house and walking collars

Blue Posey £20.00

Red and black flower dog collar, available as house and walking collars

Bold Floral £20.00

Blue butterfly and flowers dog collar, available as house and walking collars

Butterfly Floral £20.00

Yellow bees dog collar, available as house and walking collars

Buzzy Bees II £20.00

Camper Vans greyhound house collar

Camper Vans £20.00

Candy Stripe collar, pink, turquoise, yellow, orange,

Candy Stripe £20.00

Deep Daisies Collar, daisies, orange, black,

Deep Daisies £20.00

Ducky Duck £20.00

Emoji collar, black, yellow, red

Emoji £20.00

Fox collar, grey, orange

Foxy Fox £20.00

Gentlemen Snails £20.00

Gone Camping Collar, brown, green,

Gone Camping £20.00

Greyhound collars, rainbow paws on a black background martingale and house collars

Hearts and Paws £20.00

House collars and martingale collars, owls, pink,

Hooty Owls £20.00

Key Fobs - Fabric and ribbon Trims £3.00

Greyhound Martingale collar, snails, lilac, purple, green

Lady Snails £20.00

Leather whippet fishtail collar

Leather Fishtail Collars £0.00

Greyhound house and martingale collars, lime, cow, moo

Moo Moo £20.00

Greyhound house martingale collar, paisley rose, pink, lilac

Paisley Rose £20.00

Greyhound collars pale pink poppies on navy background, martingale and house collars

Pink Poppies £20.00

fabric poop bag to match your dog collar

Poop Bag Holder - To match your collar! £6.00

Poppies, red, dog collar, martingale, house collar

Poppies - Red or Pink! £20.00

Greyhound house collar rainbow background with black paw prints

Rainbow Paw Prints £20.00

skulls and roses dog collar, red, black

Skulls and Roses Black £20.00

Skulls and Roses dog collar, pink roses,black

Skulls and Roses Pink £20.00

Skulls and roses collar, red, skulls, dog collar

Skulls and Roses Red £20.00

Skulls, peace and love dog collar, purple, green,

Skulls, Peace, Love £20.00

Steampunk Inspired Bracelets £8.50

steampunk necklaces, goth, victoriana, skulls

Steampunk Inspired Short Necklaces £7.50

peacock design dog collar, turquoise, blue, gold

Subtle Peacock £20.00

sugar skulls dog collar, skulls, brown

Sugar Skulls - Brown £20.00

Greyhound house and martingale collars purple sugar skulls

Sugar Skulls - Purple £20.00

Greyhound collar in floral print, dog collar

Summer Blooms £20.00

dog collar, cream tartan, blackberry tartan, greyhound collar,

Tartan Berry - Blackberry £13.50

teal blue dog collar, greyhounds, whippets

Teal Sun-ray £20.00

bones design dog collar, tie-dye, red, blue, green

Tie Dye Paws n Bones £20.00

Tooti Frooti £20.00

turtle dog collar, blue, green, yellow, orange

Totally Turtles £20.00

red tulips dog collar, black and white, red

Tulips £20.00

turquoise dog collar,  floral, blue

Turquoise Sprig £20.00