Accessories / Gifts

Accessories and Gifts

  • Our Key Fobs are designed to slip over your wrist, as an alternative to taking a bag with you when out walking.  They can be trimmed with any of our fabrics or ribbon trims to match your dog's collar and they make great gifts!
  • We have a few pieces of our 'Steampunk' Inspired jewellery in stock, and can make items to order, to your own colour requirements.

All our products are handmade, to order.  PLEASE allow 3-4 weeks for your item to be made.  We do, however, try our best to complete them sooner.

On Sale Dog key fob green

Animal Theme Key Fobs £1.88

Key Fobs - Fabric and ribbon Trims £3.00

Warm neck wrap pink with butterflies

Neck Wrap for you £25.00

Steampunk Inspired Bracelets £8.50

steampunk necklaces, goth, victoriana

Steampunk Inspired Long Necklaces £7.50

steampunk rings, goth, victoriana, skulls

Steampunk Inspired Rings £7.00

steampunk necklaces, goth, victoriana, skulls

Steampunk Inspired Short Necklaces £7.50